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China considers law to protect students from teachers 中國考慮立法保護學生

An exhausted student takes a break from a higher education fair in Hefei.一名疲憊的學生在合肥一場高等教育展上小歇片刻。 (照片:法新社)


China's parliament is considering a law that would bar teachers from insulting their students. The government believes the law may be neccesary because of widespread complaints of humiliation in the classroom, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

If the parliament decides to go through with passing the law, it would “ban teachers from insulting and physically punishing their students,” the Xinhua News Agency said. It said the ban was part of an amendment to a law on child protection being considered by the National People's Congress.

Violators could be fired or given administrative punishments. It is unclear what exactly the law means by “insults.”

A survey conducted last year by an official youth committee found that “Chinese teachers often humiliate their pupils,” the news agency said.

It added that the study found that “81.45 percent of primary school students listed insults from teachers as their most serious problem.”

The issue is a serious one in China. A 17-year-old student committed suicide in 2004 after being humiliated by a teacher in front of her classmates, according to the report. (AP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. bar v.t.

禁止 (jin4 zhi3)

例: After her rude, loud behavior, Katie was barred from the restaurant for life.


2. widespread adj.

廣泛的 (guang3 fan4 de5)

例: Corruption is a widespread problem in some governments.


3. amendment n.

修正 (xiu1 zheng4)

例: Before you turn in our project, there are a few small amendments I'd like to make.


4. violator n.

違規者 (wei2 gui1 zhe3)

例: Violators of the rules will be punished.


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