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Using your head 動動腦

Two players jump to head the ball during a soccer match in Italy.
義大利一場足球賽中,兩位球員跳起來用頭頂球。 (照片:美聯社)


In soccer the players have to use their heads. If the ball comes towards them high in the air, they are not allowed to use their hands or arms. So if they want to stop the ball or send it in another direction, they often have to use their heads to do it.

There is also another meaning for the phrase “use your head.” But this time the word “head” is not used to mean the outside parts of your head. Sometimes, when a person asks you to use your head they are talking about the brain that is inside of your head.

If a teacher asks a student a question and the student cannot think of the answer, but the teacher knows it is possible if the student just tries harder, the teacher can say, “use your head.” In this case, it means to think harder, to use your brain.

Sometimes people just do not want to think or have not thought hard enough. They need someone else to remind them that if they use the brain inside their heads it will probably make finding the answer to a problem easier.

(Lynn Steger, Staff Writer)


「use your head」還有另一個意思。不過,「head」在這裡不是指你的頭顱。有時候,當人們要你「use your head」時,他們是在談你的頭腦。

假如老師問學生問題,學生無法想出答案,但老師知道假如學生再努力思考就可能想到時,老師就可以說「use your head」。在這個例子中,這個片語意指要努力思考,運用腦袋。

有時候人們就是不願思考,或是想得不夠多。他們需要別人來提醒他們︰假如他們運用腦袋,可能就更容易找出問題的解答。 (翻譯︰賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. allow v.t.

允許 (yun2 xu3)

例: Lori was not allowed to stay at the party any later than 10pm.


2. direction n.

方向 (fang1 xiang4)

例: When we looked at a map, we found that we had been walking in the wrong direction for an hour.


3. possible adj.

可能的 (ke3 neng2 de5)

例: Scotty thought it would be possible to finish all his homework before dinner, but he still had much to do before bedtime.


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