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Catch a wave 乘風破浪

You can catch a ball or an insect and hold it in your hands. How do you catch a wave?

Waves are strong and often pull people under the water when they are swimming. But surfers are people who have found a way to stay in control when a wave comes their way.

In fact, surfers can spend their whole lives trying to catch the perfect wave. They go to the places with the biggest waves and wait and plan and hope to be in the water and ready to go when that perfect wave comes along.

They have to make sure their movements and the movements of their surfboards match exactly. And they often have to wait in the water for hours to catch even one wave.

But being able to ride on top of these huge powerful things is very exciting.

Surfers will travel all over the world for just a few minutes of riding along on top of the water. 

(Lynn Steger, Staff Writer)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. perfect adj.

完美的 (wan2 mei3 de5)

例: Everyone should try to do his or her best, but no one can be perfect.


2. movement n.

動作 (dong4 zuo4)

例: The movements of the ballerina were all very slow and quiet and graceful.


3. powerful adj.

強大的 (qiang2 da4 de5)

例: John thinks that Superman is the most powerful hero, but Ryan thinks it is Spiderman.


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