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Malaysian ghouls to be put to the test 馬來西亞食屍鬼面臨試煉

Joss sticks burn on the side of a road to mark the Hungry Ghost Festival in Kuala Lumpur.吉隆坡街道旁香雲繚繞,紀念中元節。 (照片:歐新社)


A Malaysian museum will let a US research team from Ripley's Believe It or Not conduct scientific tests on genies, ghouls and other paranormal items on display to find out whether they are real.

The three-month Mysteries, Genies, Ghosts and Coffins exhibition at the Sultan Alam Shah Museum in the central Selangor state has been criticized since it began July 4. Some accuse it of being un-Islamic, while others have denounced the items as fakes.

The exhibition has drawn tens of thousands of visitors. Officials say there are around 100 items on display, including a preserved mermaid; the shriveled skeletal remains of a half-woman, half-snake; a goblin trapped in a bottle; and other creatures from Malay folklore.

Amzah Umar, chairman of the Selangor Museum Board, said the organizers and the owner of the exhibits have agreed to Ripley's request to examine the items.

“This will put to rest any allegations that the exhibits are fake,” he said.

The items belong to religious teacher Safuan Abu Bakar who has said that he plans to bring a “langsuir” — a deadly Malay banshee — to life to silence doubters.

“I will bring the exhibit to life. I will place the langsuir on a tree and bring it to life to let observers see it fly and screech,” he said.

He went on to say “Our exhibition is aimed at educating the public on the existence of the supernatural world. It is not against Islam; we should take it as education and entertainment,” he said.

The museum has said it expects a million visitors to the exhibition.(AP)


為期三個月的「神祕精靈鬼怪暨棺木展」在馬來西亞中部雪蘭莪州的Sultan Alam Shah博物館舉行,自七月四日開展以來就飽受批評。有人指控這項展覽違反伊斯蘭精神,也有人痛斥展示品都是假的。

Today's Words 今天單字

1. conduct v.t.

實施 (shi2 shi1),處理 (chu2 li3)

例: The military conducts drills to prepare for emergencies.


2. paranormal adj.

超自然的 (chao1 zi4 ran2 de5)

例: Many fortune tellers claim to have paranormal abilities.


3. denounce v.t.

譴責 (qian3 ze2)

例: Many religions denounce hatred and encourage love.


4. allegation n.

指控 (zhi3 kong4)

例: If the allegations against him prove to be true, he will lose his job.



雪蘭莪博物館局局長Amzah Umar表示,主辦單位與展覽品主人已同意利普雷檢驗這些物品的要求。


這些文物為宗教導師Safuan Abu Bakar所有。他說他計畫讓馬來人傳說中的殺人吸血女妖「langsuir」起死回生,好讓存疑者啞口無言。





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