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Pigging out 暴飲暴食

Two baby pigs get ready to pig out on carrots and vegetables that have been frozen in ice.兩隻豬寶貝準備大口享用內含胡蘿蔔和蔬菜的冰塊。 (照片:美聯社)


Have you ever eaten so much that your belly hurts? Have you ever had four scoops of ice cream even though your mother said you could only have two? And then gone out for McDonald's?

If you have, you were “pigging out” (and you were probably sick afterwards). Pigs, like people, eat both meat and vegetables. But instead of just one kind of vegetable, some rice and a piece of chicken, pigs often eat many different things all at once.

Many farmers or families who own pigs often feed them scraps of whatever they have leftover from other animals' or people's lunches or dinners.

Because of this, whenever a person eats a lot of different kinds of food all at once it is often called “pigging out.”

While pigs don't always eat a lot of food, we often say a person eating everything he or she can find instead of just small amounts of one food at a time is “pigging out.”

(Lynn Steger, Staff Writer)


如果你曾經做過這些事,就是在「 pigging out」(事後你可能會覺得噁心)。豬像人一樣肉菜均食,不過不像人只吃一種蔬菜、一些飯跟一塊雞肉,牠們通常一下子吃進多種食物。


因此,只要一個人一下子吃掉很多種食物就叫做「pigging out」。

豬可不是老吃這麼多,但是通常只要有人不是一次只吃一種少量的食物,而是竭盡所能地大吃一頓,我們就稱他在「pigging out」。


Today's Words 今天單字

1. instead adv.

改以 (gai2 yi3)

例: Joe and Caitlin's mom made pizza for dinner, but their sister Emily was sick so she had soup and crackers instead.


2. leftover n.

剩菜 (sheng4 cai4)

例: There is no way I can eat up all the leftover from last night.


3. scrap n.

剩菜剩飯 (sheng4 cai4 sheng4 fan4)

例: The dog waited under the table to see if the baby would drop any scraps while she ate.


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