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Ducks in a row 有條不紊

Has anyone ever told you that you need to get your ducks in a row? If someone has, did you know what that person meant?

If you don't have any pet ducks, it might sound a little strange to you. However, getting your ducks in a row doesn't have anything to do with taking care of your pets.

Getting your ducks in a row means putting your life in order. If you have all your ducks in a row, you are prepared and organized. If all your ducks are in a row, everything will go just like you planned.

This expression comes from the way a mother duck takes care of her ducklings. When she walks, the ducklings walk neatly in a row behind her. She does this so that she knows where all the ducklings are, and none of the ducklings will get lost. If the ducklings begin to walk away or get out of line, the mother duck will put them back in the row so that she can keep walking without losing any of her little ones.

The next time you see people who need to get better organized or prepared, try telling them to get their ducks in a row. But first, check to make sure yours already are! (Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)

有人告訴過你要「get your ducks in a row」嗎?假如有,你知道那個人是什麼意思嗎?

假如你沒有養寵物鴨,這聽起來可能有點奇怪。不過,「getting your ducks in a row」與照顧寵物一點關係都沒有。

「Getting your ducks in a row」意思是讓你的生活有條不紊。假如你有條不紊,你就是準備好了,有組織性。假如你做事情有條有理,事事都會照你的計畫進行。


下次你看見有人需要更有組織性或做更好的準備時,試著要他們「get their ducks in a row」。不過首先,要先確定自己已經做到!


Today's Words 今天單字

1. row n.

一排 (yi4 pai2),一列 (yi2 lie4)

例: When I went to the movies, the person in the row in front of me was wearing a huge hat, so I couldn't see anything.


2. prepared adj.

準備好的 (zhun3 bei4 hao3 de5)

例: Are you prepared for your test tomorrow?


3. organized adj.

有組織性的 (you3 zu3 zhi1 xing4 de5)

例: I have never met anyone as organized as Miranda. She has labels for everything and she never loses anything.


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