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Silky and strong 細柔強韌

A spider sits on its web in a field in Dobrogea, Romania.
羅馬尼亞多布羅加台地野外,一隻蜘蛛在自己的絲網上棲息。 (照片:法新社)


It's not easy to be a spider. Scorpions have a deadly sting and mosquitoes can always fly away when they are scared, hungry or under attack. Spiders don't have a stinging tail or wings to help them to get food or stay safe.

They do, however, have something much cooler. Spiders can make silk! The silk is made in parts of their bodies called spinnerets. Some spiders use this silk to build webs.

There are many kinds of spiders and there are also many kinds of webs. Many of these webs are used by spiders to capture and hold their prey. The silk is thin and very hard to see from far away. Insects often fly into the webs without ever knowing what has happened.

But even though it is thin, the silk is also very strong and it holds the insect tightly until the spider is ready to eat it.

It may not be as easy as going to McDonald's or hot pot every time you are hungry, but it's a very cool and interesting way to get your dinner.(Lynn Steger, Staff Writer)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. capture v.t.

捕捉 (bu3 zhuo1)

例: Soldiers from a different country captured the king and held him in jail.


2. prey n.

獵物 (lie4 wu4)

例: Eagles have good eyes so that they can see their prey from far away.


3. insect n.

昆蟲 (kun1 chong2)

例: Kara is afraid of insects even though they are all very small and most of them will not hurt her.


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