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Wanted: Polish wife for life on the land 誠徵:共享農稼生活的波蘭妻子

Farmers bring in the hay on a farm in the US state of Ohio.美國俄亥俄州的農夫們收起稻草


Whether French, German, Dutch, Italian or Danish, single European farmers apparently all dream of finding a Polish wife.

Professional match-makers in Poland are being flooded with hundreds of offers from farmers from across Europe looking for Polish women to share their lives on the land.

The majority of bachelors are perfectly eligible: handsome, wealthy and aged 25-40.

But, with few Western European women interested in a life on the farm, they have almost no chance of finding a wife close to home.

“French farmers are thrilled with our women,” professional match-maker Edyta Natanek said.

Her Agappe agency in the south-west Polish town of Swidnica has received 80 offers from French farmers and 15 each from German and Italian farmers, all eager to find a Polish wife.

French farmers are easily pleased, asking only that potential wives be Roman Catholic, Natanek says. With over 90 percent of Poles declaring themselves Catholic, this is not a problem, she says.

“French farmers aren't even bothered by the language barrier. Women can be divorced or widowed, and it is not even a problem if a future wife has children,” Natanek said.

“They fall in love with Polish blondes at first sight,” chuckles Agappe employee Marzena Kulesza.

With tens of thousands of Polish women taking up seasonal farm employment in Western Europe, local farmers have noticed that not only are they very hard workers, but they are also good-looking, the matchmakers say.

Polish women are also seen as loyal, self-reliant and less demanding than Western European women, according to Natanek. Most of all, Polish women are more than happy to become farmers' wives, she says.(DPA)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. eligible adj.

合適的 (he2 shi4 de5)

例: After Eric heard how many eligible women there would be at the party, he decided to go.


2. potential adj.

潛在的 (qian2 zai4 de5)

例: That company has a fancy office to impress potential clients.


3. barrier n.

障礙 (zhang4 ai4)

例: My roommate hung a sheet down the middle of our room as a barrier between his side and mine.


4. self-reliant adj.

自力更生的 (zi4 li4 geng1 sheng1 de5)

例: Living alone in a foreign country made Ben very self-reliant.













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