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Palestinian youths turn to rap to find their voices

Samy, left, Mohammad, center, and Dany practice in their studio in Gaza City.山米(左)、穆罕默德(中)與丹尼在加薩市的錄音室練習。 (照片:法新社)


The beat is hip, the lyrics are in Arabic and the message is powerful. Amid the violence and poverty, some Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are turning to rap as a way of venting their anger and despair.

“I like rap because it speaks about people who suffer,” says Mohammed Farra of Gaza's PR -- Palestinian Rappers.

The 21-year-old meets Samy, 20, and Dany, 17, at a recording studio to jam together on a new song. Dressed like young rappers all over the world, the three sing of their hopes and dreams. They choose rap because it “has no rules. It makes you free,” they say.

“Rap is the easiest way to speak to people, and the message reaches them faster because of the music,” Farra says. From his lyrics, it's clear that Farra has something to say:

I looked in our history book, //

It was filled with exodus and refu-

gee stories, //

The ink was dripping with pain.

Rap is also a good way to beat boredom. “You can die of boredom here,” Farra says.

He and his friends stopped going to the beach after Israeli army fire killed eight people there in early June. Walking around at night is not safe either, since the coming of darkness often means Israeli attacks.

Despite all the misery, Farra says that for him, the situation in Gaza today has really improved since Israel left the territory a year ago, ending a 38-year occupation.

He lives with his parents in the southern town of Khan Yunis, and before the Israeli pull-out he used to have difficulty getting to the recording studio, in Gaza City to the north.

“Today it's a piece of cake,” Farra says.(AFP)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. hip adj.

流行的 (liu2 xing2 de5),時尚的 (shi2 shang4 de5)

例: Movie stars and models only like to be seen at hip places.


2. vent v.i. /v.t.

發洩 (fa1 xie4)

例: Don't be scared when Allison yells like that. Sometimes she needs to vent a little, but she'll be fine.


3. jam v.i.

即興表演 (ji2 xing4 biao2 yan3)

例: My brother's band gets together every weekend to jam.


4. refugee n.

難民 (nan4 min2)

例: When war broke out, refugees ran to neighboring countries.










法拉與父母住在南部的Khan Yunis鎮。早在以色列撤出前,他要到位於北部加薩市的錄音室可說是困難重重。



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