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Rubber ducks race, everyone wins

Rubber ducks "race" down the Tennesee River at the beginning of the Great Knoxville Rubber Duck Race in the US state of Tennesee.美國田納西州的納克斯維爾玩具鴨大賽上,玩具鴨群在田納西河上集體「賽跑」。 (照片:美聯社)


Do you have a rubber duck in your bathroom? A toy rubber duck can be a fun way to turn bathtime into playtime. But did you know that sometimes rubber ducks can be used to help children in a much bigger way?

All those tiny yellow dots in this picture are rubber ducks floating down the Tennessee River in the United States. But what are so many rubber ducks doing on a river and not in a bathtub?

They're in the middle of a race! The people of Knoxville, Tennesse wanted to think of a fun way to make money for children who need help. So they decided to let people pay to adopt a rubber duck for a day, and then they all let the ducks go on the river. Whichever duck makes it down to a certain spot first wins the race!

People pay money to put a duck in the race because there are lots of great prizes. The owners of the first-place and second-place ducks get new cars! (Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)






Today's Words 今天單字

1. float v.i./v.t.

漂浮 (piao1 fu2)

例: Once you know how to float, it's easy to learn how to swim.


2. adopt v.i./v.t.

領養 (ling2 yang3)

例: Tim's parents have decided to adopt a baby girl, so he will have a new little sister soon.


3. certain adj.

特定的 (te4 ding4 de5)

例: Our teacher always gives us a certain amount of time to finish a test or quiz. We can't take as long as we want.


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