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Potties worth partying for 開馬桶派對

A Cambodian woman kisses her baby while walking through a village outside Phnom Penh in Cambodia.一名柬埔寨婦女行經金邊外圍的村莊時親吻她的嬰孩。 (照片:美聯社)


The residents of a Cambodian village threw a party to celebrate a sanitation milestone: a toilet in every home.

All 94 families in Sleng village in Kampong Speu province have built a simple toilet in their homes to deal with solid human waste, making the village “a model of good hygiene” for neighboring communities, according to UNICEF, the UN children's organization.

Hilda Winarta, a UNICEF water and sanitation worker, said the toilets are simple -- holes in the ground surrounded by walls made from tree leaves or plastic sheets -- but can help prevent outbreaks of dangerous diseases.

The village celebrated its achievement with ceremonies and speeches by the village chief, government officials and UNICEF.

A local comedian performed, and village actors performed a short play about how the village residents will no longer have to defecate outdoors.

There was also “a balloon (releasing) ceremony, a village-hosted lunch and singing,” Winarta said.

Cambodia's sanitation infrastructure is among the worst in the world, UNICEF said. Only 16 percent of Cambodia's rural population have a clean, private place to use a toilet.

Last September, UNICEF and Cambodia's Rural Development Ministry began a program to encourage villagers to improve their sanitation.

In Sleng, families built their own toilet with nothing more than “encouragement” from the ministry and UNICEF and “a sense of disgust and shame” about open defecation, the statement said.

Sleng joins just four other villages in Cambodia that have latrines for every person, UNICEF said.

Kampong Speu province is about 45km southwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.(AP)


Today's Words 今天單字

1. sanitation n.

環境衛生 (huan2 jing4 wei4 sheng1)

例: Sanitation workers collect the city's garbage every night.


2. outbreak n.

爆發 (bao4 fa1)

例: Everybody is worried about an outbreak of war between those two countries.


3. defecate v.i.

排便 (pai2 bian4)

例: Jim became so frightened when a mugger pointed a gun at him that he defecated involuntarily.


4. infrastructure n.

公共建設 (gong1 gong4 jian4 she4)

例: As the city's infrastructure improves, the traffic gets better.













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