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You're never too young! 永遠不嫌年輕!

Cole Marsolek water-skis across Tainter Lake in the US state of Wisconsin.柯爾•馬索雷滑水橫越美國威斯康辛州的潭塔湖。 (照片:美聯社)


Do you like playing sports? What about water sports? Water sports are even more fun than regular sports, especially during the summer!

The little boy in this picture is being pulled behind a boat on a lake. He's training for a water sport called water-skiing. When you water-ski, you usually have two different skis, one for each foot. This little boy is practicing on a training-ski. No wonder! He's only 22 months old!

Most people wait until they are much older to try water-skiing, because it's not easy to do. This little boy has been skiing for over a month, and his parents are very proud!

Water-skiing is not the only sport you can do while being pulled behind a boat. Many people use a board like the one this boy is using called a kneeboard. But kneeboarders don't stand; they kneel on their knees. This sport is called kneeboarding, and the people who do it can do flips, jumps and all kinds of amazing things.

Some people like to use one board, but they stand instead of kneel. The board they use is longer and thinner, and they stand sideways on it. This sport is called wakeboarding, and the people who play it can do all kinds of crazy tricks, jumps and flips just like kneeboarders. 

(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. especially adv.

特別地 (te4 bie2 di5)

例: I love to read, especially books about horses or dinosaurs.


2. train v.i./v.t.

訓練 (xun4 lian4)

例: I trained my dog to shake my hand and roll over.


3. flip n.

空翻 (kong1 fan1)

例: Most people have to practice to be able to do a flip, but it's easy underwater.


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