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Show your true colors 展現自我本色

Do you think one way in your head, but act differently?

Many people do this, because it helps them get along with other people. But when a person stops doing this, and acts in a way that shows his or her true personality, you can say that person is “showing his or her true colors.”

This might seem like a strange thing to say, since people can't change what color they are, but the saying comes from ships on the ocean.

A long time ago, the word “colors” could also mean “flag.” A ship's “colors” showed what country it was from. That way, when ships met each other on the ocean, they could tell from far away if the other ship was a friend or an enemy.

Sometimes ships wanted to pretend to be from another country to hide from another ship, or to trick a ship into getting too close. But the rules of fighting said that before you could fight anyone, you had to show the flag of the country you were really from. Since “colors” means flag, this was called “showing your true colors.”

(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)




有時候船隻也會假裝來自他國,藉此避開其他船隻,或者欺騙船隻來靠近。不過,作戰的規則是,在你與他人作戰之前,必須先展示你實際上是來自哪個國家的旗幟。由於「colors」就是旗幟的意思,因此就有了「showing your ture colors」的說法。(翻譯:賴美君) 


Today's Words 今天單字

1. personality n.

個性 (ge4 xing4)

例: Betsy and I have very different personalities, but we still get along.


2. enemy n.

敵人 (di2 ren2)

例: You might not believe it, but Jackson and Erin were enemies before they were friends.


3. trickv.t.

欺騙 (qi1 pian4),耍詭計 (shua3 gui3 ji4)

例: You tricked me! You told me there would be cake in that room, but when I went in, you turned off the light and held the door closed.


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