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Tiny town 小鎮

A man shoots video of the Moscow Panorama in Russia.
俄國一名男子在莫斯科袖珍模型裡攝影。 (照片:美聯社)


What would you do if you looked out the window of a bus or car and saw a man this big walking around? You'd probably be more than a little scared!

Don't worry, the man in this picture is not a giant. He's just walking through a very, very tiny city.

This model of the city of Moscow was built in 1977, and was made to look like the city back then. In some ways, it is very different than Moscow was at that time, but many of the buildings are just the same. It looks a lot like the real city because the streets and buildings are all built to be exactly the height they would be if the city and its streets were that small. Many tiny details of the city look exactly the same as they do in real life.

Can you imagine how many people it would take to build a model of an entire city? The model is 16m wide, and it took 300 people to build.

In a city this big, there are no “tall” buildings. Even this four-story building only comes up to this man's knees!(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)






Today's Words 今天單字

1. giant n.

巨人 (ju4 ren2)

例: If I were a giant, I would drink out of a cup as big as a swimming pool.


2. model n.

模型 (mo2 xing2)

例: One of my favorite things to do is build models of airplanes and other machines.


3. detail n.

細節 (xi4 jie2)

例: There is such tiny detail on this carving that you have to use a magnifying glass to see it all.


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