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Santas gather for summer conference

Santas meet at the World Congress in Demark.耶誕老人在丹麥世界會議聚會。 (照片:法新社)


About 177 Santas from around the world called for more colorful Christmas trees this year, saying the plain green ones were too boring as they began their yearly World Congress in Denmark.

“This year the Santas want to be trendy. They seem to be tired of the green Christmas tree,” said Congress spokeswoman Vibeke Larsen.

The Santas from 10 European countries, the United States and Japan were meeting for their 43rd annual meeting at Bakken, the oldest theme park in the world, located just north of Copenhagen.

Wearing their full red attire despite the sweltering summer heat, the Santas gathered “to talk about the upcoming Christmas and questions they care about, and to have a good time too,” Larsen said.

One of the issues being discussed was the old debate of whether Christmas should be celebrated on Dec. 24, as in some European countries such as Denmark and Sweden, or on Dec. 25, as in other parts of the world.

The Santas also talked about “the possibility of giving children bigger presents and easier ways of opening gifts,” organizers said.

However, there was one Santa who did not come to the meeting. The Finnish Santa has boycotted the event for years because he denies that the only true Santa is from Greenland.

“We don't know why he's not here ... Maybe he's still pouting after he was criticized in recent years by his colleagues who disapprove of him usurping the title of the world's Father Christmas,” Larsen said. (AFP)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. trendy adj.

流行的 (liu2 xing2 de5)

例: Amy goes shopping every weekend so that she is always wearing the trendiest clothes.


2. theme park n.

主題樂園 (zhu3 ti2 le4 yuan2)

例: Whenever I go to a theme park, the first thing I do is ride the rollercoasters.


3. attire n.

服裝 (fu2 zhuang1)

例: You have to wear formal attire to eat at that restaurant.


4. sweltering adj.

悶熱的 (men1 re4 de5)

例: My rooftop apartment is always sweltering during summer.






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