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Happy as a clam 快樂似神仙

A woman smiles in Germany一名微笑的德國女子。 (照片:歐新社)


When you're feeling really happy, you can say that you are “as happy as a clam.” In fact the whole phrase is “as happy as a clam at high tide,” but most people only say the first part. Why do you think clams are happy at high tide?

Clams live in the mud underneath the ocean. To catch clams, people go out into the shallow part of the ocean near the shore and drag a rake through the mud. When they feel the rake hit a clam, they use the rake to pull it out of the mud.

However, people can only do this at low tide because at high tide the water is too deep. If you were a clam, you would feel really happy at high tide because you wouldn't have to worry about somebody coming to catch you!

Next time you're feeling really happy, tell your friends that you're feeling “happy as a clam.” (Marc Langer, staff writer)

當你感到很開心,你可以說你「as happy as a clam」。其實整句話是「as happy as a clam at high tide」,但多數人只說前半部,你覺得蛤蠣為何在漲潮時會感到快樂呢?



下次你感到很開心時,告訴你的朋友,你覺得「as happy as a clam」。


Today's Words 今天單字

1. high tide n.

漲潮時間 (zhang4 chao2 shi2 jian1)

例: I built a sand castle at the beach, but it was washed away at high tide.


2. shallow adj.

淺的 (qian3 de5)

例: I can't swim very well, so I always stay in the shallow end of the swimming pool where I can stand.


3. shore n.

海岸 (hai3 an4)

例: During the typhoon, huge waves crashed onto the shore.


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