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Oxford gets an eyeful 牛津大飽眼福

In a more typically British procession, Queen Elizabeth II walks through Oxford, England.
女王伊麗莎白二世在較為典型的英式行進隊伍中走過英國牛津。 (照片:美聯社)


According to legend, Lady Godiva rode naked on a white horse through the streets of a British city center. The eye-popping sight was recently repeated three times by a striking young woman.

Phoebe Thomas stripped down and saddled up in the university city of Oxford under the close scrutiny of a film crew shooting a modern movie re-telling the old tale. They made her do it three times, just to be sure they got it right.

Legend has it that Lady Godiva rode a horse naked through the streets of Coventry nearly 1,000 years ago to persuade her husband Leofric, the Earl of Mercia, to lower taxes.

Only the lady's long hair covered her body, but Thomas' hair gave little protection against the cold air at 4:30am, as 100 other people acting in the scene looked on.

The modern version of Lady Godiva was a little more comfortable because she was able to wear a little bit of skin-colored clothing.

The shoot was for a scene in a romantic comedy dreamed up by 20-year-old Vicky Jewson, who has been given 1.4 million pounds (NT$84 million) to make the movie.

She said she was relieved to get the shoot finished in three takes.

“Without this scene, we wouldn't have a film. It simply couldn't be filmed anywhere else.”

“So I had no choice but to get everyone up long before dawn, stop the traffic every few minutes and do it as quickly as possible.”

“All credit to the cast, crew and extras who made this happen quickly and with so little fuss.”(AFP)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. striking adj.

惹人注目的 (re3 ren2 zhu4 mu4 de5)

例: Maddy was a striking child; everyone said she was beautiful.


2. strip down v. phr.

拆開 (chai1 kai1)

例: Before painting, Rachel stripped the walls down to make her kitchen bigger.


3. scrutiny n.

詳細的檢查 (xiang2 xi4 de5 jian3 cha2)

例: I don't like singing in public because I'm afraid of others' scrutiny.


4. fuss n.

麻煩 (ma2 fan2)

例: Please don't throw me a party. I'd rather not have the fuss.







「這都要歸功於劇組、全體工作人員和臨時演員,才能不拖泥帶水地盡速收工。」 〈法新社/ 翻譯:鄭湘儀〉

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