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Horse whispering 對馬兒輕聲細語

A horse whisperer in Argentina tries to communicate with a horse.
阿根廷一名輕聲細語的馴馬師試著與馬兒溝通。 (照片:法新社)


Do you have a pet that doesn't obey you? Does it still disobey you no matter how mad you get? Maybe you need to find a better way to communicate with it.

Sometimes people try to discipline their horses by hitting them, but that doesn't always work. It hurts the horses, and some horses still won't obey.

This man is a horse whisperer. Horse whisperers are people who think that they have a special ability to understand what horses are thinking and feeling. Instead of needing to hit the horses, they can make the horses understand what they want them to do by looking at them, speaking to them and petting them in a special way. The man in this picture is trying to communicate with this horse by whispering in its ear.

Even though you may think talking to a horse is silly, many people say that horse whispering really works. Do you think this horse understands what the man is trying to tell it?

(Marc Langer, staff writer)




即使你認為對馬兒說話很蠢,許多人都說對馬兒輕聲細語真的有用。你認為這匹馬明白那男子想告訴牠什麼嗎? (翻譯︰賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. obey v.t.

服從 (fu2 cong2)

例: If I don't obey my parents, they will not let me go to the movies.


2. communicate v.i. /v.t.

溝通 (gou1 tong1)

例: Elissa lives in Taipei and her brother lives in Tainan, so they communicate through e-mail.


3. discipline v.t.

管教 (guan3 jiao4)

例: Oliver's teacher disciplines her students by not giving them any recess.


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