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Under the weather 身體不適

When you get sick or aren't feeling well, you can say that you're feeling “under the weather.” Can you guess where this English expression comes from?

There are a couple of explanations. The first is that a long time ago, people didn't know about germs and sicknesses. They thought that people got sick from all kinds of silly thins, like taking a bath. One of the things that people thought made them sick was rain and clouds. So when people got sick, they would say that they were felling “under the weather”.

Some people give another explanation. When you're on a boat and there is a big storm, you might get sick because the boat starts rocking. When people felt sick, they would go to their bed inside the boat to be “under the weather.”

(Marc Langer, Staff Writer)

當你生病或身體感到不適,可以說你覺得「under the weather」。你猜得到這句英文用法的出處嗎?

關於他的出處有幾種說法。第一種是很久以前,人們對於細菌和疾病一無所知,對於生病的原因有各式各樣的好笑解釋,像是洗澡。他們認為會生病的其中一項原因是雲和雨,所以人們生病時就會說「under the weather」。

有些人提出其他解釋。當你在船上又遇上暴風雨時,你可能會因為船開始搖晃感到不適。當人們覺得不舒服,就會縮進船艙裡的床,去「under the weather」(躲在這種天氣之下)。


Today's Words 今天單字

1. expression n.

措辭 (cuo4 ci2)

例:There aren't really any cats or dogs falling from the sky. “It's raining cats and dogs” is just an expression!

(不會真的有貓和狗從天空掉下來,「It's raining cats and dogs」只是一種說法。)

2. explanation n.

解釋 (jie3 shi4)

例:Why didn't you come to class yesterday? You better have a good explanation.

(你昨天為何沒來上課? 你最好有合理的解釋。)

3. germ n.

細菌 (xi4 jun4)

例:Wash your hands before you eat so you don't have any germs on them.


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