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Frosty weather 天寒地凍

Hoarfrost on a wire fence in the US state of Iowa.
美國愛荷華州鐵絲網上的白霜。 (照片:美聯社)


What do you know about weather? You probably know that there are many different kinds of weather. Taiwan’s weather is generally very warm. But in other places around the world (and sometimes even right here in Taiwan!), the weather can get very cold.

When the weather is warm, water from the air and clouds turns into rain. Sometimes, the water also turns into the thin layer of water that you sometimes find on the leaves of plants in the mornings or at night. This thin layer is called dew.

But what about when the weather is cold? In cold weather, water from the clouds turns to snow and hail. In this weather, we do not see dew. Instead, we see the icy stuff in this picture -- hoarfrost.

Water comes in three types: the kind that you can drink (called liquid), the kind you can chew, like ice (called solid) or the tiny bits of water that float around in the air. Usually, water in the air turns to drinkable water first, and then it turns into ice. Hoarfrost is made when the air is so cold that the water in the air turns right into ice.







Today's Words 今天單字

1. generally adv.

大致上 (da4 zhi4 shang4)

例: Sometimes our teacher gives too much homework, but we all generally like her.


2. layer n.

層 (ceng2)

例: The cake had three different layers! I liked the vanilla one the best.


3. dew n.

露水 (lu4 shui3)

例: When I go to the park in the early mornings, I get my pants wet from sitting on the dew-covered grass.


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