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World Cup weight gain

Players from Spain and Croatia play a soccer game in Switzerland.
西班牙與克羅埃西亞的足球員於瑞士比賽。 (照片:美聯社)


Staying up late to watch too many soccer games could leave Asian football fans with some serious health problems, a medical expert has said.

A fan could gain up to five kilograms by eating an extra 40,000 calories worth of snacks and drinks over the course of the month-long tournament, estimated Dr James Lam, president of the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science.

Fans could also have problems from not getting enough sleep, and having poor posture while watching the games could cause other health issues.

"This could cause muscle problems like back pain and neck pain," Lam said. "Also, when eating habits are not good, people are at risk of getting ... ulcers."

Lam said that football fans should avoid drinking beer when they stay up late to watch the games, and should keep up regular exercise to relieve stress from watching the World Cup. The excitement of the games could put people at greater risk of heart disease.

Millions of fans across Asia tune in to watch the World Cup matches live despite the fact that the games start between 8pm and 3am because of the time difference between Asia and Germany. (DPA)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. fan n.

迷 (mi2)

例:I am Jolin's biggest fan.


2. calorie n.

卡路里 (ka3 lu4 li3)

例:I try not to eat fast food because it has so many calories.


3. tournament n.

錦標賽 (jing3 biao1 sai4),聯賽 (lian2 sai4)

例:Every year my high school holds a tournament to see who is the best speller.


4. posture n.

姿勢 (zi1 shi4)

例:My teacher always tells me to stop slumping in my chair and sit up with proper posture.


5. ulcer n.

潰瘍 (kui4 yang2)

例:Sam was so stressed at work that he got ulcers.


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