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Fan's loyalty sold to highest bidder

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Mikael Tellqvist unsuccessfully attempts to defend against Chris Drury of the Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo, New York.
在紐約水牛城,多倫多楓葉隊的守門員米高•戴爾維斯特抵擋不了水牛成軍刀隊克里斯•杜斯的攻勢。 (照片:美聯社)


The old joke about a man who would try to sell his own grandmother for a profit has already come true on eBay.

The Internet auction site has also seen one seller launch a bid to sell his soul.

Now comes a story that can be understood by serious sports fans everywhere.

A North American ice hockey fan, crushed by years of failure, has put his loyalty to his once-beloved team up for sale.

"My Suffering Must End," said the "Free Agent Fan," who put his lifelong loyalty to the Toronto Maple Leafs up for grabs on eBay after the team missed the National Hockey League playoffs.

Crushed by his heros' failure to capture the sport's holy grail, the Stanley Cup, since 1967, the Ontario-based fan said he has concluded his lifelong love of the team has been "nothing short of a disaster."

"I have (a) disease called needacupitis," he wrote.

"I'm looking to become a fan of a team ... who actually will contend for a Stanley Cup at least once before I die."

Catherine England, a spokeswoman for San Jose, California-based eBay, said there have been huge numbers of people trying to sell intangibles on the site.

"In August last year, we had a man list an invisible man -- a naked invisible man," she said.

Enterprising eBayers have also tried to sell a UFO Driver's License, she said. One jilted husband-to-be was so angry, he modelled his fiancee's wedding dress on the site, and sold it off.

Perhaps the most famous sale was that of a half-eaten, 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich that the owner, a woman from Florida, claimed carried the image of the Virgin Mary.

The item was eventually purchased for US$28,000 (almost NT$900,000) by an Internet gaming company, (AFP)

Reading Comprehension

1. Which has NOT been offered for sale on eBay?

a. One man's mother.

b. A naked, invisible man.

c. A wedding dress.

2. Why is the "Free Agent Fan" selling his loyalty?

a. He lost his job.

b. His team has never won a game.

c. He wants to cheer for a team that can compete in the Stanley Cup.

3. What's wrong with the "Free Agent Fan?"

a. He has a deadly disease.

b. No one will pay for him to support a team.

c. He desperately wants to cheer for a cup-winning team.

4. According to the eBay spokeswoman, selling intangibles ...

a. is not uncommon.

b. is illegal.

c. is highly unusual.

一名男子試著在eBay 販賣他祖母牟利的老笑話已經成真。




「自由球員迷」說:「我的苦難必須終結。」自從多倫多楓葉隊錯失擠進全國冰上曲棍球聯盟的總決賽後,他就把對這個球隊的畢生忠誠放在eBay 上拍賣。




e-Bay 在加州聖荷西總部的發言人凱薩琳.英格蘭女士表示,一大堆人想在網站上販售非實體的東西。






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