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Parents need both boys and girls

Australian prime minister John Howard talks to two children in Queensland.澳洲總理霍華德在昆士蘭與兩名兒童說話。 (照片:歐新社)


A new Australian study says that parents who have a son and a daughter are less likely to divorce than those with two children of the same sex.

Research by the Australian National University (ANU) has discovered that parents who have a boy and a girl are more likely to stay married than those with two boys or two girls, and unmarried parents are more likely to get married if they have a child of each gender.

ANU economist Andrew Leigh analyzed 60,000 families from the past five Australian censuses between 1981 and 2001 to find out whether parents' decision to get married, stay married or divorce was related to the sex of their children.

He found that the sexes of the children in a family affected the parents' marital status.

``Among two-child families, parents with two children of the same sex are 1.7 (percent) less likely to be married than parents with a boy and a girl,'' Leigh said. ``Among two-child families, one of each seems better for relationships than two of a kind,'' he added.

He said the latest findings were consistent with other studies that showed families with two children of the same sex were more likely to try to have a third child than families with a boy and a girl.

``There's something about having one of each that makes parents a little bit more satisfied,'' Leigh said.

The study also tested whether or not having either sons or daughters was worse for marriage success rates.

Even though studies from the US have shown that parents of daughters are more likely to divorce, the study found no evidence of that in Australia. (AP)



Reading Comprehension

1. Where did Leigh get his information from?

a. Interviews.

b. A census.

c. A survey he made.

2. Unmarried couples are more likely to get married if ...

a. they try to have a third child.

b. they have a boy and a girl.

c. they divorced recently.

3. According to Leigh, parents who have both a son and a daughter feel ...

a. more in love with each other.

b. lucky.

c. satisfied.

4. Which parents are more likely to divorce in Australia?

a. Parents with two sons.

b. Parents with two daughters.

c. Neither is more likely to divorce.









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