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No nights out for noisy dogs 吵鬧的狗不准夜出

A young girl quiets her dog before a dog show in Havana, Cuba.
古巴哈瓦那市一名女孩在狗選秀開始前安撫她的狗。 (照片:美聯社)


Ever been kept awake at night by the sound of barking dogs? In most cases, there is nothing to do but suffer in silence, but one town has decided that enough is enough.

A small Norwegian town has grown so tired of its barking dogs that it plans to pass a curfew forbidding noisy animals from leaving their homes late at night, an official for the city has said.

Erik Schult, an official for the city of Fjell in western Norway, has proposed a new regulation stating that ``barking dogs have to be indoors 10pm at the latest every weekday.''

Schult said the curfew is aimed at preventing noisy dogs from keeping neighbors awake by barking all night, although it will not make it illegal to take quiet dogs on a late-night walk.

``It is the notorious yelping dogs that we are aiming at,'' Schult said. ``Those that stay out and bark through the night.''

Dog owners who violate the curfew will face a fine, he said.

Schult said the city council will vote on the curfew next week and ``surely approve it, even if at first they thought it was an April Fools joke.''

An informal opinion poll done by a local newspaper showed that 55 percent of the locals supported the new law. (AP)








由當地報紙做的一項非正式民調顯示,有55%的當地居民支持這項新法令。 (美聯社/翻譯:鄭湘儀)

Reading Comprehension

1. According to the new law ...

a. noisy dogs can never leave the house.

b. noisy dogs can't be out after 10pm on weekends.

c. quiet dogs can still be taken for walks at night.

2. Why must the dogs stay inside?

a. They keep people awake.

b. They fight with other dogs.

c. They will run away if they are out at night.

3. The city council ...

a. thought the law was a joke at first.

b. is 55 percent in favor of the new law.

c. will not vote on the law because council members think it is silly.

4. According to the local newspaper, how do local residents feel about the new law?

a. They think it is unfair.

b. They think it is a joke.

c. Most of them think it is a good law.

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