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Criminals to star in film about criminals

One of India's most popular movie stars, Salman Khan, arrives in court in Jodhpur, India. He was sentenced to a year in prison for hunting a rare kind of antelope.
薩曼•卡安抵達印度焦德布爾市的法庭。他是印度最受歡迎的電影明星之一,因為獵捕稀有羚羊背判入獄一年。 (照片:美聯社)


Criminals who kidnapped and killed for money in central India will play themselves in a movie called Pakad (The Catch) -- but only if the star gets bail, the director has said.

"Five real-life dacoits (robbers) who terrorized ... rural India will act in the film. Shyam Jatav, who is in jail, and his lover, Neelam, will play the lead roles," director Krishna Mohan Mishra said. "I'm trying for the bail of Neelam." Neelam has become a state witness.

The film will also feature former robbers Malkhan Singh, Maan Singh and Mohar Singh, who surrendered to police two decades ago, Mishra said.

The script is written by the former director general of the Uttar Pradesh state police, M.C. Dwivedi, Mishra said.

"Pakad" means "a kidnapped person" in English. After a person is kidnapped, he or she is released only after ransom is paid.

Mishra got the idea after he saw children who had originally been kidnapped end up joining the gang, as did Jatav, the foster son of Nirbhay Gujjar. Gujjar was shot dead by police four months ago.

"Shyam Jatav told me about the working style of dacoits and how ... kidnapped people are used to earn money," Mishra said.

Many famous directors have made films on Indian criminals.

Another film called Wounded, also by Mishra, is based on the story of Seema Parihar, who was involved in kidnapping and murder, and is about to be released.

Seema, who also became a state witness, plays the lead role. (AFP)






Reading Comprehension

1. What might stop the star from being in the movie?

a. The star is in jail right now.

b. The star hasn't gotten the part yet.

c. The star can't find a witness.

2. From this story, you can tell that dacoit means ...

a. kidnapper.

b. murderer.

c. thief.

3. Three of the robbers who will star in the movie ...

a. were shot by the police.

b. surrendered 20 years ago.

c. are Nirbhay Gujjar's sons.

4. After Shyam Jatav was kidnapped, what did he do?

a. He went back to his father.

b. He joined the gang that kidnapped him.

c. He started making movies.





西瑪現在是檢方證人,將在此片擔綱演出。 (法新社/翻譯:鄭湘儀)

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