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Giant flute 巨笛

Composer and musician Alejandro Escuer plays a giant flute in the National Music School of National Mexican University in Mexico City.
作曲音樂家亞歷亨卓•艾斯科爾在墨西哥市國立墨西哥大學的音樂學院演奏一把巨笛。 (照片:歐新社)


There are many ways to play musical instruments. Some instruments you strike with your fingers, with sticks or with your whole hand, like pianos or drums. Other instruments have strings that you pluck, like guitars or harps. Other instruments, like the flute in this picture, you blow air through.

There are many different kinds of flutes. The flute in this picture is not like most flutes. A flute is normally a much smaller instrument that can be held in one hand. You couldn't do that with this flute -- it weighs 14kg!

Flutes are made differently all over the world. This flute was made in the Netherlands. It may not be as easy to pick up and carry around as a normal flute, but it can play more notes and it has its own special sound. (Kayleen Hartman, Staff writer)



世界各地生產各式各樣的笛子。這把笛子是荷蘭製的。它或許不像一般的笛子易於手持或移動,卻可吹出更多音符,擁有自己獨特的樂音。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. How do you play a flute?

a. Strike it.

b. Pluck it.

c. Hit it.

d. Blow air through it.

2. What is good about this flute?

a. It is very old.

b. It can play more notes than a normal flute.

c. It is heavy and hard to carry around.

d. It was made in Mexico.

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