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Stamps 郵票

A woman in Germany holds up a stamp with a picture of a soccer player on it.
德國一位婦女手持一張印有足球員照片的郵票。 (照片:歐新社)


Great Britain was the first country to use stamps back in 1834. Before that time, people used a system to deliver mail that might seem strange to you.

Before stamps, the person who received a letter had to pay for its delivery. This caused problems because sometimes the person who got the letter didn't want to pay for it, so many letters were not delivered. To solve this problem, Britain created stamps. This made sure that the person who sent the letter had to pay for it.

Most stamps today are made of paper, but some stamps in the past have been made out of strange things. The US once made a stamp out of plastic, and Switzerland made a stamp out of wood. There have even been stamps made out of gold! (Marc Langer, staff writer)



今日多數郵票是以紙製成,但過去有些郵票的製作材料卻不太尋常,美國曾以塑膠製作郵票;瑞士曾以木材製作郵票,甚至出現過以黃金打造的郵票。 (翻譯:鄭湘儀)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. Before stamps, who had to pay for a letter's delivery?

a. The person who sent it.

b. The person who received it.

c. The person who delivered it.

d. The government.

2. This was a problem because ...

a. nobody wanted to send letters.

b. sometimes people didn't want to pay.

c. the mailmen were too busy.

d. the letters were often delivered late.

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