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Not a motorcycle, not a car 既非摩托車,也非汽車!


Students at the University of Bath in western England, who last month unveiled the prototype of the CLEVER (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport), hope that it represents a greener future for transport.

The prototype showed the general design and technology of the vehicle rather than its actual, finished appearance.

It is small like a motorcycle, but safe like a car. It runs on natural gas instead of traditional oil-based gas. It also uses less fuel, what would be about 2.6 liters of traditional gas per 100km. Additionally, the car is easier to drive around corners because of a new technology developed by mechanical engineering students Matt Barker, 29, Ben Drew, 27, and their instructors.

The car is designed both for city streets and long-distance highway driving, and is capable of going up to 130 kilometers per hour.

``The goal was ... to combine the efficiency of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car,'' said Drew.

The vehicle is the result of a three-year project funded by the European Union, motivated by a desire to limit pollution. And with the rising cost of fuel, the car's use of natural gas is one of its best parts.

``As fuel prices go up and up, people will look at how else they can get around,'' said Geraint Owen, a lecturer at the university who helped lead the team project.

Unfortunately for today's drivers, according to Ownen, the cars won't be for sale for at least 10 years, and that's only if its makers can find a company that wants to produce them. (AP)

英格蘭西方的巴斯大學學生上個月推出 CLEVER (都會運輸低污染小型車)原型,希望這種車輛可以代表交通運輸更環保的未來。


它和摩托車一樣小,但和汽車一樣安全。它以天然氣取代傳統汽油。它也使用較少的燃料,約等於每一百公里消耗 2.6 公升的傳統汽油。此外,由二十九歲機械工程系學生麥特.巴爾克、二十七歲的班.卓爾及其指導教授所研發的新科技,這種車轉彎時也較容易。

Reading Comprehension 閱讀測驗

1. The researchers who designed the car hope that ...

a. they will be able to make a lot of money.

b. the car will help work toward a better environment.

c. people will stop buying motorcycles.

2. The new car does not ...

a. use natural gas.

b. steer very well.

c. have four wheels.

3. Where is it best to drive this car?

a. On city streets.

b. On the highway.

c. The car works well in both places.

4. What is one reason this car is attractive right now?

a. Gas prices are high.

b. Cars are becoming too expensive.

c. People are getting hurt too often on motorcycles.

Ans: 1.b 2.c 3.c 4.a







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