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Ball from the past 古老的球

By Kayleen Hartman and Claire Lai  /  STAFF WRITERS

The ball on display at the Museum of Ethonology in Hamburg, Germany. 在德國漢堡民族學博物館展示的球。


When you think of the past, you might think of people riding horses, wearing old-fashioned clothes and ... playing soccer?

Today, we think of soccer as a modern game, but people all over the world have loved watching and playing soccer for a long, long time. The ball in this picture was once used for playing soccer. It is hundreds of years old. It isn't used for playing soccer anymore. Today it sits in a museum.

The people at the museum say that this is the oldest soccer ball in the world. They believe it was used in the 1540s, more than 500 years ago. It was owned by the queen of Scotland at the time, Mary of Scots, and used at a castle in Scotland where she lived for several years after she was born. (Kayleen Hartman, Staff writer)






1. old-fashioned adj.

老式的 (lao3 shi4 de5),過時的 (guo4 shi2 de5)

例:My grandparents' house has an old-fashioned telephone. To use it, you have to speak into the part that hangs on the wall and hold the part you listen to up to your ear.


2. modern adj.

現代的 (xian4 dai4 de5)

例:Modern technology allows us to talk to people on the other side of the world through computers.


3. castle n.

城堡 (cheng2 bao3)

例:Kings and queens used to live in castles built all over Europe.


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