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The first flight 首航

A hot air balloon flies near Moscow.
熱氣球在莫斯科附近飛行。 (照片:美聯社)


Most people think that the Wright brothers were the first people to fly when they built the first airplane in 1903. However, people in France were flying more than 100 years before that.

Instead of flying in an airplane, two French brothers made a giant balloon out of paper, which they first flew in 1783. When flying the balloon, people sat on a flat piece of wood hanging underneath the balloon and made a fire. The fire heated the air inside the balloon, which made it rise. However, the balloon didn't fly for very long because the paper started to catch on fire.

When the balloon landed nine kilometers away, the people there had never seen a flying balloon before. They got scared and tried to destroy it, but luckily the pilots stopped them. (Marc Langer, staff writer)



氣球降落在九公里外的地方,那裡的人從沒看過會飛的氣球,所以心生恐懼,想摧毀氣球,幸好被兩位飛行員阻止了。 (翻譯:鄭湘儀)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. Why did the balloon have to stop flying?

a. It ran out of air.

b. It hit a tree.

c. It broke apart.

d. It started to catch on fire.

2. When the balloon landed, some people tried to ...

a. fix it.

b. destroy it.

c. fly it.

d. catch it.

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