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Chinese golf 中國高爾夫

Old drawings on vases show people playing an ancient, golf-like sport.
花瓶上的古畫,顯示人們玩著類似高爾夫球的古老遊戲。 (照片:歐新社)


Today, people all over the world play golf. Most people believe that the first people to play golf played in Scotland 500 years ago, and most people who study the history of golf think that the game was made up there.

However, some people in China believe that rich Chinese people have been playing a game that is a lot like golf for much longer than that. There are ancient books and pictures in China from a time before golf was ever played in Scotland that show people playing a game that looks like golf. People playing the game in China used wooden clubs to hit wooden balls into a hole in the ground.

The Chinese game is not exactly like golf, and no one knows if the game that was played in Scotland 500 years ago comes from the game played in China, or if it is a coincidence that the two games are so much alike. Either way, it looks fun! (Kayleen Hartman, Staff writer)





Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. Where do most people think golf was invented?

a. No one knows.

b. Scotland.

c. China.

d. Golfland.

2. What were the clubs used in the Chinese game made of?

a. Wood.

b. Metal.

c. Stone.

d. Bone.

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