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Taxi! 計程車

A man walks by a row of taxis in Cairo.
開羅一名男子行經一排計程車。 (照片:法新社)


Have you ever wondered where the word "taxi" comes from? Do you know why taxis are painted yellow?

The word "taxi " comes from the word "tax." Every year you have to pay the government money for taxes. The amount of money you give the government is based on how much money you make. Riding in a taxi is very similar because the amount of money you pay the driver is based on how far he or she takes you. The drivers "tax" you, so their cars are called taxis.

The first yellow taxis appeared in New York around 1907. A man there was buying taxis from France to use in the city. He found out that yellow is the easiest color to see from far away, so he painted all of his taxis yellow. Ever since then, yellow has been a popular color for taxis. (Marc Langer, staff writer)





Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. Who do you pay taxes to every year?

a. Your parents.

b. Taxi drivers.

c. The government.

d. Your school.

2. Why were taxis first painted yellow?

a. It is a pretty color.

b. Yellow is easy to see.

c. Yellow paint is cheap.

d. Taxis in France were yellow.

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