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New erasable tattoos invented 新可除式刺青問世

A woman shows off her back tattoo festival in Bangkok.
一名女子在曼谷刺青節中展示背部的刺青。 (照片:法新社)


Are you embarrassed by your tattoo of the name of your old girlfriend?

People have normally used lasers to remove tattoos that they don't want anymore, but it can take up to 12 treatments to erase normal tattoo ink. The process is expensive, often painful and sometimes doesn't completely remove the tattoo, leaving a white spot on the skin where the tattoo used to be.

But for those people who are willing to wait a little longer before getting their tattoo, help is on the way.

Scientists in the US have developed a range of new inks that will disappear with just one laser treatment, a British magazine has reported.

The inks have already been approved by the US government for use in medicine, cosmetics, food and medical supplies. Until now they have never been used in tattoos because the body absorbs them too easily and the tattoo disappears, but scientists have come up with a solution.

A team of scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has found a way around this problem by putting the ink in microscopic capsules.

The capsules are small enough to be injected into the skin to make the tattoo.

To get rid of the tattoo, a laser breaks the capsules open, and the ink goes into the skin where it is safely absorbed and disappears. (AFP)








要移除刺青,用一道雷射將膠囊劃開,顏料就會跑入皮膚內,被安全吸收而消失無蹤。 (法新社/翻譯:賴美君)

Reading Comprehension

1. Right now people remove tattoos with ...

a. cosmetics.

b. ink.

c. Iasers.

2. Why haven't people used this new ink for tattoos before?

a. It is poisonous.

b. It is too expensive.

c. It is absorbed too easily.

3. These new inks are already being used in ...

a. food.

b. paints.

c. pens.

4. Once the capsules are broken, the ink is absorbed by the ...

a. laser.

b. skin.

c. tattoo.

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