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Clowing around 傻里傻氣

A clown smiles during the Rose Monday street parade in Mainz, Germany.
一名小丑在德國梅因茲的「玫瑰星期一」街頭遊行中笑顏綻開。 (照片:法新社)


When you see clowns, what do you think of? Most people think of laughter and silly behavior.

Clowns have been making people laugh in countries all over the world for hundreds of years. Often, to make people laugh, clowns pretend to be dumb, or they say ridiculous things.

Many kings and queens had clowns to make their friends laugh. Since clowns were thought of as stupid, they were often able to say things that other people would have been punished for saying. So, even though they weren't treated very well, they were able to speak the truth when other people could not. Maybe that's why most clowns are shown wearing a big, red smile underneath their big, red nose. (Kayleen Hartman, staff writer)



許多國王皇后雇用小丑來讓朋友開懷大笑。由於人們認為小丑很笨,小丑往往可以講些別人說了可能會被處罰的事。所以,雖然他們沒有受到良好待遇,卻可以講出別人不能說出口的真相。也許,這就是多數小丑為何在斗大的紅鼻子底下,可以帶著燦爛又火紅的笑容見人的緣故。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. To make people laugh, clowns sometimes act ...

a. mean.

b. dumb.

c. angry.

d. loud.

2. What could clowns do in front of queens and kings that other people couldn't?

a. Laugh.

b. Tell jokes.

c. Tell the truth.

d. Sing.

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