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Trash People 垃圾人

One thousand Trash People stand in the square in front of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany.
一千個「垃圾人」站在德國科隆的科隆大教堂前的廣場。 (照片:美聯社)


What kinds of materials do most artists work with? Depending on the kind of artist, some might use paint and brushes, some might use ink or pencils, and artists who make sculptures might work with stone or clay.

The artist who made the sculptures in this picture chose something totally different. He made 1,000 sculptures out of trash. The kind of trash he chose to work with isn't the kind that rots away easily, like fruit or other foods. The kind of trash that he built his sculptures out of will be around for a long time.

Many artists say they want their art to make people think. What do you think an artist who makes sculptures out of trash wants to get people thinking about? (Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)



許多藝術家說要人們透過他們的作品思考,你覺得用垃圾做塑像的藝術家要人們思考什麼事? (翻譯:鄭湘儀)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. What is NOT something artists usually work with?

a. Milk.

b. Paint.

c. Ink.

d. Stone.

2. What are these sculptures made out of?

a. Rotten food.

b. Fruit.

c. Clay.

d. Trash.

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