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Two tails 兩條尾巴

Ahmad Mustafa looks at his two-tailed lizard in Malaysia.
阿瑪•穆斯塔法在馬來西亞觀賞他的雙尾蜥蜴。 (照片:美聯社)


Most lizards have two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs and two ... tails? No, that's not right! Most lizards only have one tail. Can you imagine how surprised the man in this picture was when he found this lizard?

This lizard has two tails, which makes it look a little different from other lizards. In general, no matter how many tails they have, lizards are very helpful to humans. Lizards love to eat bugs that might otherwise bite or bother humans.

Sometimes, it's the humans who do the eating. In some parts of the world, lizards are considered to be a delicious food. Many people also like to keep lizards as pets. Can you imagine showing off a two-tailed lizard like this one to your friends? (Kayleen Hartman, staff writer)



有時人類自己就是進食者。蜥蜴在世界某些地區被認為是佳餚,許多人也愛把蜥蜴當寵物。你能想像向朋友炫耀照片中這條「雙尾蜥蜴」嗎? (翻譯:鄭湘儀)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. What makes this lizard unusual?

a. It has two eyes.

b. It has two ears.

c. It has two arms.

d. It has two tails.

2. How do lizards help humans?

a. They eat bugs.

b. They are food for bugs.

c. They let humans eat bugs.

d. They give bugs food.

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