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Beards are back 鬍子風回來了

Chris Martin, singer for the British band Coldplay, is one of the new generation of bearded men. 英國酷玩樂團主唱克里斯•馬丁是新生代的鬍鬚男之一。 (照片:德通社)


Even though it was not considered very fashionable for many years, the beard is back. Wherever one looks, young men, or those who think they know about fashion, are growing beards again, much to the dismay of some fashion advisors and experts.

Cultural expert and author Mercedes Bunz was one of the first to notice the trend in Germany after she returned from a long trip to the United States. She said she was surprised to see men in their 30s and 40s growing beards, just like their fathers had once done. Berlin has already begun to have beard parties at some of the fashionable clubs that are popular among 30-year-olds.

"Berlin wears a beard ... a full beard," says Bunz. "That is somehow astonishing because you are often finding beards on faces that would not have considered a beard five years ago."

Two kinds of beards are becoming fashionable, she says. Some men trim their beards to follow the contours of the face, such as Chris Martin from the British band Coldplay. But at the same time, there are other men who like to have bigger, longer beards, which were popular among academics in the 1970s.

Fashion expert Marianne Montag also cautions young men and says maintaining a beard is not easy. In addition, men must choose the right kind of beard, as different beards say different things about them. A full beard makes one look older, while a goatee may make one look undependable. (DPA)





Reading Comprehension

1. What do fashion experts think about the new beard trend?

a. It is only happening in Germany.

b. It won't last very long.

c. They don't like it.

2. Bunz noticed the trend after her trip to ...

a. The US.

b. Germany.

c. Berlin.

3. Big beards used to be popular among ___ in the 1970s.

a. doctors.

b. musicians.

c. scholars.

4. Montag says full beards make men look ...

a. older.

b. undependable.

c. ugly.

時尚專家瑪瑞安.蒙塔格也警告年輕人說,維護鬍子並不容易。此外,由於不同的鬍子會給人不同的感覺,男性也必須選對鬍子。大大的落腮鬍會讓人看起來較老氣,山羊鬍則可能會讓人感覺不太可靠。 (德通社/翻譯:賴美君)

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