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Beautiful bread 美麗的麵包

Artists in Tokyo decorate a wall with toast.
東京的藝術家用吐司來裝飾一面牆。 (照片:法新社)


Bread can be more than just food. These people in Japan have decorated a wall by putting pieces of bread all over it. The darkest pieces have been toasted for a long time, and the lightest pieces haven't been toasted at all.

A long time ago in England, people didn't put their food on plates. Instead, they put their food on pieces of hard, flat bread. When they had finished eating, they could feed their plates to their dogs or eat them themselves. That way they didn't have to do the dishes!

But there is an even stranger use for bread. Before people learned how to use rubber to make erasers, they used to use bread to erase their mistakes. In fact, some artists still use bread as an eraser today! (Marc Langer, staff writer)





Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. Some of the pieces of bread in this picture are darker because ...

a. they are a different kind of bread.

b. they have been toasted.

c. they are really old.

2. Today, some ___ still use bread as erasers.

a. students

b. writers

c. artists

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