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A chair for a giant

People walk by the biggest chair in the world in Spain.
民眾走過位於西班牙,世界最大張的椅子。 (照片:歐新社)


Did you know that a long time ago only kings and very rich people had chairs? At that time, ordinary people had to sit on stools or on the ground. If you're sitting in a chair right now, think of yourself as a king!

But even a king couldn't sit in this chair. Only a giant would be big enough for a chair this tall. It is more than 26m high, which means that it is the biggest chair in the world. You can get to the top, but you have to walk up a lot of stairs to get there.

But this isn't just a chair; it is a museum too. If you walk up the stairs, you can go inside the chair where there is a museum about wood. You might not be able to sit in this chair, but at least you can learn something from it! (kayleen hartman, Taipei Times)



但是,這不只是一張椅子,它還是座博物館,走上樓梯後,你可以走進椅子瞧瞧,裡頭有一座木材博物館。你可能無法坐在這張椅子上,但是你可以向它學習喔! (何楷琳,台北時報)

Quick Quiz

1. Who had chairs a few hundred years ago?

a. People in museums.

b. Kings.

c. Ordinary people.

d. Giants.

2. What kind of museum is inside the chair?

a. A museum about chairs.

b. A museum about wood.

c. A museum about kings.

d. A museum about giants.

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