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Clean power comes to Shanghai 綠色電能到上海

A Shanghai resident shows solar panels onthe roof of his building that create heat and electricity for his home.
上海一位民眾在寓所的大樓屋頂上展示能夠製造熱能與電力的太陽能電池板。 (照片:法新社)


For the first time, Shanghai residents can buy "clean power." Solar power and wind power are now part of the electricity that flows through Shangai. The company in charge of the project, Shanghai Municipal Electricity Power company, said the power was available starting March 7.

The project is directed at cleaning up Shanghai's polluted environment, company spokesman Yu Qinde said.

Yu said the plan had so far gotten some support from the public, with 460 households signing up for the clean power.

It has proved less popular among companies, which have had access to the clean power since January. Only 15 companies bought the new clean power.

One of the reasons that so few people have signed up to pay for clean power is the price. One unit of clean power (one kilowatt hour) costs 1.14 yuan (NT$4.6). That's 0.53 yuan (NT$2.14) higher than electricity that is created through more traditional methods, like burning coal.

In order to buy the new clean electricity, individual households and companies also have to agree to buy at least a certain amount of electricity a year.

Although the project is still new, Yu said the state-run company remained hopeful.

Shanghai, home to 17 million residents and 3,000 skyscrapers, needs 70 billion units of electricity annually, but currently only receives about 2000-3000 units from non-polluting methods.

Although Yu admits that clean power is today a very small part of the city's total electricity, he says that by the end of 2015, Shanghai will be able to get 3 billion units of power just from wind power. (AFP)



Reading Comprehension

1. Shanghai residents ...

a. have always been able to buy solar power.

b. prefer using wind and solar power.

c. mostly use power that comes from traditional methods.

2. Why is clean power being brought to Shanghai?

a. To make electricity cheaper.

b. Because residents asked for it.

c. To try to clean up the environment.

3. What's one reason more people don't buy clean power?

a. Power made by burning coal works better.

b. It costs more than regular electricity.

c. Shanghai residents are very traditional people.

4. Wind and solar power ...

a. are new to Shanghai.

b. will create more power than traditional methods by 2015.

c. are unwelcome in Shanghai.







雖然餘勤德坦承目前綠電只是全上海市的一小部分電能,但到二○一五年年底,上海市光憑風力就可以取得三十億度的電能。 (法新社)

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