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Moose help fund research on themselves

A moose wearing some festive lights. 一頭戴著節慶燈飾的麋鹿 (照片:美聯社)


A small Norwegian town has raised money for a research project on moose by giving companies a chance to sponsor the animals.

Researchers for the town of Vegaarshei wanted to put special radio collars on 25 moose so they could study their movements for two years. But the project was too expensive, costing more than 400,000 kroner (NT$1.95 million). So they enlisted the moose themselves to help make some money.

For a 5,000 kroner (NT$24,000) donation, the team named a moose after the person or company that sponsored it.

``It doesn't cover the [full] amount per animal, but without the [help] of these sponsors, we wouldn't have been able to go ahead,'' said Helge Sines a member of the research team.

The sponsors were mostly companies, which means the moose got names like Telenor, and The Norwegian Telecommunications Group.

``We never intended to go out and promote this, but the sponsorship project was mentioned ... on the town's [Web site], and things took off,'' Sines said.

As part of the deal, sponsors can track their moose on the Internet, although they are not allowed to meet with it personally.

``We leave the moose in peace,'' said Sines. ``We do not take people to visit the moose. We don't want to do anything to stress them.''

The project will track moose movements to reduce the risk of collisions between moose and trains or cars. (AP)


Vegaarshei 鎮上的研究員想要為二十五隻麋鹿戴上特製的電磁波項圈,進行為期兩年,研究麋鹿行動的計畫。然而,高達四十萬克羅納(新台幣一百九十五萬元)的研究經費過於昂貴,研究人員便請出麋鹿協助募款。



截至目前為止,贊助者都是公司行號,所以麋鹿的名字都是像Telenor或是Norwegian Telecommunications Group。


Reading Comprehension

1. What will the special collars do?

a. Alert cars that moose are coming.

b. Keep moose from walking in the road.

c. Tell scientists where the moose are.

2. Why did the scientists need sponsors?

a. They didn't have enough moose.

b. They didn't have enough collars.

c. They didn't have enough money.

3. Why do the moose have such strange names?

a. People think those names are funny.

b. They are named after companies.

c. The scientists gave them scientific names.

4. Sponsors are allowed to do everything EXCEPT ...

a. meet the moose.

b. track the moose on the Internet.

c. name the moose.



這項計劃能追蹤麋鹿的動態,以降低麋鹿跟火車和汽車相撞的可能。 (美聯社)

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