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Breaking out 破殼而出

What do you call a chicken when it is still very small? That's easy! Just take the word for chicken and make it smaller. A young chicken is a chick.

It usually takes 21 days for a chick to hatch from its shell. During that time, the mother sits on the eggs to keep them warm. If they are too hot or too cold the chicks might not hatch.

But that's not all the mother does. The mother also has to turn the eggs over five times a day. Sometimes the mother concentrates so hard on taking care of the eggs that she doesn't leave the nest, not even to eat or drink.

(Taipei Times)





Quick Quiz

1. The mother turns the eggs over ...

a. twice a day.

b. three times a day.

c. four times a day.

d. five times a day.

2. When the mother is concentrating, she ...

a. leaves the nest to eat.

b. leaves the nest to drink.

c. leaves the nest to sleep.

d. never leaves the nest.

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