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Ice climbing


How do you climb mountains of ice? Isn't it too slippery to climb?

Climbing ice isn't like climbing rocks or mountains. Ice climbers don't use their hands to climb. They use special tools.

Ice climbers have special shoes that have sharp spikes on the bottom. When they climb, they kick the sharp spikes into the ice so that they don't slip.

Ice climbers also have two sharp hammers that they hold in each hand. When they climb, they hit the ice with their hammers so that it sticks in the ice, then they pull themselves up.

But the most important tool that all ice climbers have is a rope!

The words of the day

spike n.

尖釘 (jian1 ding1)

One day when I was driving, my car's tire was popped by a sharp spike in the road.


hammer n.

錘子 (chui2 zi5)

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