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Sun computer


Does your computer have a plug? Do you have to plug it into a wall make it work?

This is a special kind of computer that doesn't use a plug. It gets its electricity from sunlight. On a nice day, you can just take this computer outside and put it in the sun. The computer captures sunlight and turns it into electricity. If you had this computer, you would never have to pay for its electricity!

Just think about all the things you could do if you had this computer. You could take it with you on a long walk to the top of a mountain, or you could take it to the beach. There is just one problem: what do you do at night?

The words of the day

plug n.

插頭 (cha1 tou2)

capture v.t.

捕獲 (bu3 huo4)

獲得 (huo4 de2)

Jim knew there was a mouse in his house, but he wasn't able to capture it.


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