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White: a scary color


How many living things can you see in this picture?

There are a few fish, but the white things the fish are swimming around are also alive. They are called coral. Healthy coral should not be so white.

Normally, tiny living things live right on top of the coral. You can't see them with your eyes, but you know they're there because they change the color of the coral. When these living things are on the coral, the color is much darker.

Coral needs these tiny things to stay alive. Sometimes, when the water gets too warm, these living things cannot hold on to the coral and they float away. When this happens, the coral cannot survive.

The words of the day

coral n.

珊瑚 (shan1 hu2)

survive v.i./v.t.

存活 (cun2 huo2)

People cannot survive without food and water.


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