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Flat pupils


The black spot in the middle of your eye is called your pupil. Go to a mirror and look at your pupils.

People have round pupils, but this animal's eyes have flat pupils. Not all animals have flat pupils, just some of them. Most snakes that are poisonous have flat pupils; snakes that are not poisonous have round pupils. But if you see a snake, you shouldn't get close enough to check!

Your pupils are like the doors to your eyes. When it's dark outside, you pupils open up and get really big so that lots of light can get into your eyes and you can see. When it's really sunny out, your pupils get really small so that your eyes don't get hurt from too much light.

The words of the day

mirror n.

鏡子 (jing4 zi3)

poisonous adj.

有毒的 (you3 du2 de5)

Don't eat that plant! It is poisonous and will make you sick.


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