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A New Year's recipe

By Lai mei-chun  /  STAFF REPORTER


Still worrying about what to make for the New year's Eve reunion dinner? Let us introduce you to a scallops dish that not only looks beautiful, smells good and tastes yummy, but is also light on the oil. Let's get started!


Green broccoli with scallops 翠玉瑤柱

Ingredients: 材料:

8 dry scallops 乾干貝八粒

one head of broccoli 綠花椰菜一顆

rice wine 米酒

salt 鹽

cornstarch 太白粉

water 水

oyster sauce 蠔油

one carrot 紅蘿蔔一根

Method: 做法:

1. Put the scallops into a bowl with water and small amount of rice wine. Put the bowl in a steamer and steam for 45 minutes. Set the remaining water aside to be used later.


2. While waiting for the scallops, wash the broccoli and cut it into six parts.


3. Cut a carrot into six thin slices, then use the knife or a small cutting tool to carve them into flower shapes.


4. Boil a pot of water, then add the broccoli and carrot slices. Add a tablespoon of salt.


5. Place the boiled broccoli in the center of a big plate with the steamed scallops around it.


6. Pour half of the steamed water from step one onto the broccoli and scallops.


7. Fill a bowl a third of the way with water and stir in a large tablespoon of cornstarch. Add small amount of oyster sauce to it.


8. Heat the bowl of cornstarch water and pour it over the plate.


9. Put the carrot slices on the plate for decoration.


Note: You can also use fresh scallops. Just shorten the steaming time.


About scallops 關於干貝

Scallops (called "Gan-bai," "Yao-zhu" or "Dai-zi," in Chinese) are edible shellfish. Scallops are considered a high-end delicacy because of their delicious flavor, and thus they are a common part of any New Year's Eve dinner. Scallops are high in protein and contain iodine. It is said that scallops can enhance your engery, lower your blood pressure and improve digestion.


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