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Even though we call this animal a jellyfish, it isn't actually a fish. Jellyfish don't have eyes or fins, and they can't swim like most fish. They just float wherever the ocean takes them. They are only able to eat if little fish swim near them and they are able to catch them.

If you see a jellyfish up close, you will see that it looks like it is made of jelly. But you shouldn't try to eat it! If you touch a jellyfish in the wrong place, it will sting you.

It may sound like jellyfish are very strange, but in a way they are similar to you. Did you know that some jellyfish's bodies are 98 percent water? But your body is mostly water too, about 72 percent.

The words of the day

jelly n.

果凍 (guo3 dong4),

吉利丁 (ji2 li4 ding1)

sting v.t.

叮 (ding1),蟄 (zhe2)

Raymond tried to catch the bee, but it got mad and stung him.


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