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Penguin parade


Most people think that all penguins live in very cold places, but that isn't true. There are 18 different kinds of penguin around the world, but only a few of those live in Antarctica (南極洲). There are even some penguins that live in hot places.

Do you know why these penguins' bellies are white? They are white for camouflage. Sharks like to swim underneath penguins in the ocean. When a shark looks up to try to see a penguin, the penguin's white belly blends in with the bright sun and the shark can't see it. And even if the shark does see it, the penguin can swim very well. Its wings don't help it fly, but they help it swim very well.

The words of the day

belly n.

肚子 (du4 zi5)

shark n.

鯊魚 (sha1 yu2)

Chris doesn't want to go swimming in the ocean because he is afraid of sharks.


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