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Duck crossing


These ducks must be very smart. They are crossing the road at the right place.

The yellow sign warns people to slow down when they are driving their cars. The people who put up the sign do not want any ducks to be hit by cars when they are crossing the road. These ducks must know that this is a safe place to cross the road.

But there is something odd about this picture. During the winter, ducks usually fly south because the weather is warmer there. But can you see the white snow and ice on the green grass? These ducks must be in a cold place. Why didn't they fly south for the winter? Maybe these strange ducks like the cold!

The words of the day

warn v.t.

警告 (jing3 gao4)

I warned Tony that it might rain, but he still didn't bring his rain coat.


odd adj.

奇怪的 (qi2 guai4 de5)

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